Reich mir mal den Rettich rüber

Now that everything seems to be home and dry I think it’s time to reveal where my path will lead me. I’m coming home! Some days ago I signed a contract at the 5C Basic GmbH & Co. KG and today I signed the lease contract for a beautiful flat in the very same house Karsten lives in. From January on it will be just two stairs to see The Man, which is an awesome thing. 🙂
In the past six* years I hardly passed on a chance to rant about Berlin and the Prussians. And justifiably so! I always thought there might be a day in the (distant) future where I’d miraculously start to like this dirty, chaotic megalopolis and the rude „charm“ of it’s inhabitants, but obviously I thought wrong. Now as the time of leave-taking has come quite suddenly, I am still not in the same melancholic mood I was in, when I left Leipzig in 2003.
Of course I am going to miss the lads a lot, but at the same time I am so very excited about my new job and about getting back to sweet, sweet Saxony. Also time passes swiftly these days and I have serious trouble to get everything done in time, so maybe there is just not enough time to get melancholic. I won’t complain… 🙂

On a completely unrelated note I have to give kudos to Samsung. I bought a Samsung ML-1520 laser printer back in February 2005. By that time I also operated a (thrice as expensive) HP LaserJet 1000, which really was a great piece of hardware! The LaserJet printed thousands of pages through the time of my self-employment without the slightest issue and the Samsung was just meant to be a cheap makeshift for the few things I had to print in Berlin. In January 2008 I installed Vista to my box and forgot about the Samsung… I just didn’t need a printer at that time.
When that changed lately, I remembered about the Samsung still being around. The brave LaserJet was gone for years, since Hewlett Packard did not care creating drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and rendered a perfectly working device worthless as a result. To be honest: Therefore I didn’t have too much hope that Samsung would do better. But to my greatest surprise they did. There are drivers available for Vista, Win7 and even Linux. Amazingly well done Samsung, shame on you Hewlett Packard! 🙂

Also Automattic did release the official WordPress client for Windows Phone 7 today, which is outstandingly good news. You can get it for free in your phones marketplace. If only someone did a similar thing for Serendipity… 🙁 But anyway, expect some more activity on this sites photo blog very soon!

And now everybody please raise the glass and join GLaDOS and me in singing this great tune on the occasion of… well, you know, getting home, the new job, the the new flat… generally things turning out unexpectedly and actually dauntingly well I think. Let’s see if the cake is a lie! 😉

1,2.. 1,2,3,4…
This was a triumph.
I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

*Five years and ten months to be precise. Anyway.. who cares.

2 Gedanken zu „Reich mir mal den Rettich rüber

  1. Stonebit

    Berlin ist SO groß und SO schön. Das lernt man in der Regel erst zu schätzen wenn man da nicht mehr ist. Vertrau mir.

    Viel SPaß in Leipzig. Vom Prüfer zum Entwickler?
    Freu mich auf Dein erstes Werk 😉

    CU soon

    1. Riipa

      Nee nee, entwickeln kann und werde ich auch weiterhin nicht, der administrative Part bleibt meins, wenn auch mit einer Verschiebung hin zu mehr Account Management. 🙂
      Und zu Berlin: Schaun wir mal. Gerade er Teil mit groß (und laut und dreckig) wird mir im Weltdorf Leipzig eher nicht fehlen. 🙂


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